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October 27, 2017
New study debunks myth that arts graduates end up in low-paying job
Vice News

October 27, 2017
Debunking the Barista Fallacy: A New Way of Measuring Earnings of University Graduates
Ross Finnie, Richard E. Mueller, and Arthur Sweetman, C.D. Howe Institute Intelligence Memo

October 19, 2017
Canadian graduates all pass the barista bar
Ross Finnie, Arthur Sweetman, and Richard E. Mueller, Times Higher Education

July 27, 2017
Student recruitment needs culture classes
Ross Finnie, Arthur Sweetman, and Richard E. Mueller, Times Higher Education

July 24 , 2017
Education is Key to Immigrant Integration in Canada
Ross Finnie, Richard E. Mueller, and Arthur Sweetman, C.D. Howe Institute Intelligence Memo

April 13, 2017
Education is key to integration
Ross Finnie, Arthur Sweetman, and Richard E. Mueller, Times Higher Education

March 3, 2017
As students move away from the humanities, universities adapt
Globe and Mail


September 19, 2016
Opinion: The cynics are wrong about the value of an Arts degree
Alan Shephard, Montreal Gazette

September 2, 2016
Is the university experience worth the cost?
Globe and Mail

August 26, 2016
‘The world does not owe you a job’: Weighing the cost of higher education
Business News Network

August 8, 2016
Busting the barista myth – higher education IS linked to higher salaries
Ross Finnie, Ottawa Citizen

August 4, 2016
Martin Hicks and Fiona Deller – An Homage to Good Data
It's Not Academic

July 31, 2016
It’s time to retire the myth of the educated barista
Globe and Mail

30 julliet 2016
Payant, le diplôme (pdf)
La Presse

July 28, 2016
Interview: The real value of a university degree in Canada
Global News

27 julliet 2016
Entrevue avec Ross Finnie, professeur à l'Université d'Ottawa
RDI, Économie

July 26, 2016
Interview: Wage Gap
CBC, The Exchange

July 26, 2016
Higher education still worth the money, new research suggests

July 26, 2016
Revenge of the arts: Why a liberal arts education pays off

July 26, 2016
Study finds men make 44% more than woman eight years after they graduate university, college
National Post

July 26, 2016
Study finds widening gender gap in earnings among post-secondary graduates
Ottawa Citizen

July 26, 2016
Wage gap grows rapidly after graduation, study finds
(pdf) Globe and Mail

July 26, 2016
Higher education does lead to higher incomes: University of Ottawa study
Toronto Star

March 16, 2016
New research shows which degrees lead to high-paying jobs

March 15, 2016
Selling the (underappreciated) value of a liberal arts education
Ottawa Citizen

March 2, 2016
Free tuition is good. But it’s just a start

February 26, 2016
Ontario’s new post-secondary tuition grant is just a first step, experts say
The Globe and Mail

January 7, 2016
Immigrants value education – so we should value them
Ross Finnie and Richard Mueller, The Globe and Mail


October 20, 2015
Canada must develop people with the skills the modern job market requires
Globe and Mail

September 7, 2015
We ignore the liberal arts at our peril
The Globe and Mail

February 9, 2015
Graduates' labour market outcomes remain strong across the board
Ross Finnie and Allan Rock, University Affairs

January 21, 2015
New study shows strong labour-market outcomes for university grads
University Affairs


December 2, 2014
Ross Finnie: How Your Degree Might Influence Your Earning Potential
The Ottawa Citizen

November 26, 2014
Engineers earn way more than history grads, right?
CBC Radio, Ottawa Morning

November 25, 2014
Graduate Income Data Miracle on the Rideau
Higher Education Strategy Associates

November 25, 2014
Humanities students less vulnerable to job-market booms and busts, study says
The Globe and Mail

November 25, 2014
Study of U of O grads suggests degree of any sort boosts incomes
The Ottawa Citizen

February 21, 2014
Money alone can't fix aboriginal education
The Globe and Mail

January 12, 2014
University enrolment is up despite dire predictions
The Montreal Gazette

January 2014
The skills we need
Policy Options



October 18, 2012
Supporting Students Before Marks Slide
The Globe and Mail

May 8, 2012
L'accès à l'université progresse plus rapidement en Ontario qu'au Québec
La Presse

May 3, 2012
L'accessibilité aux études supérieures en Ontario
CHOI 98,1 Radio X

May 3, 2012
Une étude démontre que le Québec fréquente peu l'université
CBC Radio-Canada, Bonjour la côte

May 2, 2012
Tuition fees and access to education
CBC Radio, Quebec AM

May 2, 2012
Tuition isn't the problem
The Globe and Mail

May 2, 2012
Ne pas se tromper d’enjeu: Lettre ouverte à Gabriel, Jean, Léo, Line et Martine

April 28, 2012
CPAC discussion of tuition in Quebec

April 28, 2012
Faire accroire
Le Devoire

April 26, 2012
Tuition discussion on "Passport Matin"
Radio Ville-Marie, Passport Matin

April 25, 2012
Diplômes: le Québec dernier de classe Radio Canada interviews Ross Finnie
CBC Radio-Canada

April 25, 2012
Le Québec, un laboratoire pour un chercheur ontarien
La Presse

April 23, 2012
Quebec: Cheap degrees, but nobody’s buying

April 3, 2012
Would a Quebec tuition hike keep students out of university?
CBC News

March 31, 2012
Diplômés universitaires: le Québec en retard malgré le gel
La Presse

March 14, 2012
It still comes down to fixing the reserves
The Globe and Mail

March 14, 2012
Gen Y on the move: Why Canadian young people leave home for work
The Toronto Star

February 28, 2012
Parents the biggest influence on the choice to pursue post-secondary education
The Toronto Star

January 17, 2012
Student Persistence (radio interview)
CBC Radio, Ontario Today