Data Documentation

EPRI has developed customised documentation for the Youth in Transition Survey (YITS) and the Longitudinal Survey of Low-Income Students (L-SLIS) which is available to other researchers.

The Youth in Transition Survey (YITS)

YITS is a Canadian longitudinal survey designed to examine the patterns of, and influences on, major transitions in young people's lives, particularly with respect to education, training and work. Documentation is available at all Statistics Canada Research Data Centres, and can be downloaded here.

The Longitudinal Survey of Low-Income Students (L-SLIS)

This survey, initiated in 2007, is designed to combine survey and administrative data over a three-year period from low-income students across Canada. Participating students include those who received a Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation access bursary as well as those who did not receive the bursary. Click here to download the L-SLIS documentation.