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The Education Policy Research Initiative (EPRI) is a national research organisation based at the University of Ottawa. EPRI engages in research aimed at informing policy discussions focused on education, skills and the labour market.

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EPRI's uOttawa Tax-Linkage Project uses income tax data to track the earnings of uOttawa graduates from 1998 to 2011. What emerges is a unique and powerful portrait of their labour market outcomes. Major findings include:
  • Average first year earnings started around $40,000 and rose steadily over time;
  • Graduates from different faculties had substantially different starting earnings levels and different rates of increases over time;
  • Some earnings patterns were stable across cohorts, others were more volatile;
  • Earnings patterns differed for men and women.
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#GradEarnings Research Briefs from the uOttawa Tax-Linkage Project

EPRI's #GradEarnings Research Briefs are a four part series of briefs on innovative research that use tax file data to track the earnings of University of Ottawa graduates on a year‐by‐year basis following graduation. What emerges is a unique and powerful portrait of how graduates from different faculties performed in the labour market from 1998 to 2011.

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