CPP Special Issue - Information and Communications Technologies Talent: The Skills We Need

In November 2018 EPRI's directors edited a special issue of Canadian Public Policy (Volume 44, Issue S1) examining the issues surrounding skills shortages in Canada's Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector. This special issue follows a workshop on ICT skills hosted by EPRI at the University of Ottawa and brings together papers from a variety of ICT stakeholders.


Information and Communication Technology Talent: The Skills We Need—Framing the Issues

Finnie, Ross, Richard E. Mueller, and Arthur Sweetman

ICT Labour Market: Evidence of ICT Talent Shortages and Responses

Is There Evidence of an Information and Communication Technology Labour Shortage in the Canadian Labour Force Survey?

Thomson, Alexander, Michael Veall, and Arthur Sweetman

Earnings of University Bachelor’s Degree Graduates in Information and Communication Technology Programs: A Tax Data Analysis

Finnie, Ross, Dejan Pavlic, and Stephen Childs

Role of Post-Secondary Education: Student Choices and Institutional Responses

Post-Secondary Student Choices and the Labour Shortage in Canada’s Information and Communication Technology Sector

Ding, Weili and Steven F. Lehrer

Who Goes into STEM Disciplines? Evidence from the Youth in Transition Survey

Finnie, Ross and Stephen Childs

Enhancing Development of Competencies by Means of Continuous Improvement Processes

Frank, Brian, Natalie Simper, Bei Cai, Deena Salem, Jake Kaupp, Max Lindley-Peart

Tapping Alternative Sources of Information and Communication Technology Talent: The Role of Women and Immigrants

Underrepresentation of Women in Canada’s Information and Communication Technology Sector: What Can We Learn from a Canadian Survey of Adult Skills?

Mueller, Richard E., N.T. Khuong Truong, Wynnona Smoke

Basic Information and Communication Technology Skills among Canadian Immigrants and Non-Immigrants

Truong, N.T. Khuong and Arthur Sweetman

Immigrant STEM Workers in the Canadian Economy: Skill Utilization and Earnings

Picot, Garnett and Feng Hou

An Analysis of the Patenting Rates of Canada’s Ethnic Populations

Blit, Joe, Mikal Skuterud, and Jue Zhang

Sectoral Perspectives: Preparing Information and Communication Technology Talent for the Future

Internet Communications Technology Skills and Systems of Engagement

Deley, Trevor and Marcellus Mindel

All Companies Are Technology Companies: Preparing Canadians with the Skills for a Digital Future

Walker, Valerie, Gail Bowkett, and Isabelle Duchaine

The Alacrity Program: Identifying, Training, and Growing the Talent Required to Build Profitable New Information and Communication Technology Companies in Canada and Internationally

Turner, Michael A.

Paving the Way for the Future of Work

Anani, Namir