How Student Pathways Affect Labour Market Outcomes: Evidence from Tax-Linked Administrative Data

This project compares the earnings profiles of students who followed direct pathways from high school to PSE with those who follow indirect pathways. It is based on a novel dataset that linked 14 Canadian PSE institutions’ administrative data on graduates to their tax records stored at Statistics Canada. These data contain up to eight years of earnings history following graduation, allowing us to study the pattern of earnings profiles. The data also allow us to produce results broken down by student characteristics, in particular field of study and gender. The study is funded by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer.

The Earnings Outcomes of Post-secondary Co-op Graduates: Evidence from Tax-linked Administrative Data
Ross Finnie, Michael Dubois, and Masashi Miyairi, 2017
Toronto: Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (Executive Summary)