Do Better Grades in PSE Lead to Better Labour Market Outcomes?

This project examines the link between students' PSE grades and labour market outcomes. It builds on the ongoing EPRI-ESDC Tax-Linkage Project. The study examines if, and to what degree, different levels of skills and mastery at the PSE level, as captured by graduates' final grade point average (GPA), are rewarded in the labour market. The study is funded by the Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund.

Post-Schooling Outcomes of University Graduates: A Data Linkage Approach
Ross Finnie, Dejan Pavlic, Nemanja Jevtovic, and Stephen Childs, 2014
Toronto: Ontario Human Capital Research and Innovation Fund

uOttawa Tax-Linkage Project Extension

The uOttawa Tax-Linkage Project linked administrative data on uOttawa graduates to their tax records in order to track their post-schooling labour market earnings. What emerged was a unique picture of the performance of graduates, from different fields of study, in the labour market from 1998 to 2011. This project's extension is examining the graduates' earnings along two dimensions: i) the department which the student graduated from, and ii) the graduate's final GPA.