Post-Secondary and Workplace Skills

The Post-Secondary and Workplace Skills Project aims to determine which skills are most important to the labour market success of PSE graduates. The focus is on skills that i) are relevant to employers and the labour market outcomes of graduates, ii) can be validly and reliably assessed, and iii) can be taught or developed in post-secondary education. The project aims to survey/assess students at EPRI's partner PSE institutions near the end of their studies in order to determine the skills they possess before entering the labour market, and then to see how these skills are related to labour market outcomes, including differences based on student characteristics and schooling experiences. A subset of students who complete the initial skills assessment will also be asked to complete a follow-up survey/assessment once they are in the labour force. The follow-up would include a re-administration of the skills assessments and/or gathering information on other measures of labour market success, such as job stability and satisfaction, hours worked per week, and opportunities for professional development.

Measuring Critical-thinking Skills of Postsecondary Students
Ross Finnie, Michael Dubois, Dejan Pavlic, Eda Suleymanoglu (Bozkurt), 2018
Toronto: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario