Careers at EPRI

EPRI is an academic research group based at the University of Ottawa that engages in research aimed at informing policy discussions focused on education, skills, and the labour market. Using complex longitudinal administrative datasets, EPRI conducts research using a range of methods from descriptive and conventional econometric methods to more advanced modelling approaches and advanced predictive analytics, including machine learning. EPRI also has experience implementing random assignment and exploiting quasi-experimental designs.

Some of EPRI’s research interests include student persistence through to graduation and academic performance in K-12; access to post-secondary education (PSE); experiences, outcomes, and skills development in PSE; and post-schooling labour market and other outcomes.

EPRI is continually developing and employing new and innovative data platforms. These include PSE-tax linked data, institution-level PSE data, school board-level K-12 data, provincial datasets (BC PEN: follows students from K-12 to the end of PSE), and national datasets (ELMLP: PSIS/RAIS-T1FF, PIAAC-LISA).

EPRI believes its team thrives in a modern workplace that allows for flexible hours, the opportunity to work remotely, and—most importantly—a highly collaborative and team-oriented research environment. EPRI also provides opportunities for publishing.

We are always interested in hearing from enthusiastic individuals looking to get involved in labour economics and the economics of education research. Feel free to visit this page periodically to learn about career opportunities at EPRI.


There are currently no positions available.