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The Education Policy Research Initiative (EPRI) is a national research organization based at the University of Ottawa. EPRI engages in research aimed at informing policy discussions focused on education, skills and the labour market.

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Using Predictive Modelling to Inform Early Alert and Intrusive Advising Interventions and Improve Retention

As part of a project funded by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO), researchers at Mohawk College and EPRI developed and tested a predictive model that categorized incoming students at Mohawk based on their risk of leaving early. The final report presenting the results of this project is now available.

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Results of the EPRI-ESDC Tax Linkage Project

The EPRI-ESDC Tax Linkage project uses administrative data on students provided by 14 PSE institutions from four Canadian provinces linked to tax records held at Statistics Canada to track the labour market outcomes of Canadian college (diploma) and university (bachelor’s) graduates from 2005 through 2013. What emerges is a unique and powerful portrait of their labour market outcomes.

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Bachelor's Degree Graduates Results

Une version française des résultats des bacheliers est également disponible.

College Diploma Graduates Results

Une version française des diplômés collégiaux est également disponible.

#GradEarnings Research Briefs from the uOttawa Tax-Linkage Project

EPRI's #GradEarnings Research Briefs are a four part series of briefs on innovative research that use tax file data to track the earnings of University of Ottawa graduates on a year‐by‐year basis following graduation. What emerges is a unique and powerful portrait of how graduates from different faculties performed in the labour market from 1998 to 2011.

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